Summer Boating Safety Tips

Posted on 16 July 2016

The sun is high in the sky and all that you can think of is enjoying a cool, moist breeze that you can only get from a relaxing boating adventure. While you're putting on your sandals and sunscreen, keep in mind that there are hundreds of other people planning to relax in the same way and quite possibly at the same time, in the same place. With that said let's go over a few of the basic safety rules for boating.

Summer Boating

Summer Boating Safety Tips

Hydration - for your body to work like the well oiled machine it was intended to be, you must continually stay hydrated. Consuming alcohol in massive amounts will not do it. Not only will it impair your judgment when it comes to handling any emergency situations that may arise on the boat, it most definitely will rob you of the hydration that your body is already trying to retain. Water should be your number one thirst quenching priority beverage of choice.

Sunburn - as good as the sun rays make our bodies feel and as wonderful as we look with our suntanned skin, exposure can cause some serious problems and even long-term effects. These concerns extend to both young people as well as older people. Make sure to arm yourself with a good broad-spectrum sunscreen for protection against UVA and UVB rays. It would also be a great idea to keep a few extra bottles on hand just in case.

Safety - you may have heard the old saying, "share the road". Well, the same goes for the waterway. Many other people are sharing in the sun and fun with you and it is everyone's responsibility to look out for themselves, family, friends and the others around them when it comes to being safe. Stay alert and mindful of what is going on around you at all times and for goodness sake, please wear your life jackets.

Weather - before leaving shore check the temperature, wind and other forecasts that could cause major problems on your way to and from your destination.

Last but not least, conduct a proper pre-trip inspection of the boat and its engine to make sure that it is in the best running condition and well hydrated with oil and coolants to carry you and your crew back to safety in one piece. There have been countless boating mishaps and many sad water tales resulting from not taking just a few extra minutes to be safe.

Following these tips to prevent being stranded and avoiding any accidental drownings will make sure that you are not left drowning in a sea of sorrow simply out of disregard for safety. Better run, it's time for some fun in the sun.


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