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Did you know that a child can drown in just a tablespoon of water? While the lower level of water in kiddies pools decreases the risk of drowning, it is essential for moms and dads to know that their child's head and body do not have to be immersed in the water for them to drown. The smallest dip of the head in water can result in the child swallowing or breathing in enough water to drown. Educate your children on swimming pool safety.

Make sure that the rules and information that you give your children are age appropriate and that they understand what you are telling them. The most important rule that you can impress upon your kids is that they cannot go swimming alone. Children of all ages should be able to understand and follow this rule as well as be able to ask an adult before they go in the pool.

Parents are more likely to take into account child safety when they purchase a kiddies pool. However, the small pools are also a popular choice for people who don't have children and therefore do not take the necessary safety measures. If your children will be around a splash pool for any period of time, you need to be watchful and also discuss rules regarding the pool. You should also discuss pool safety with the owner of the pool especially if the kids will have constant access to the water. Swimming Pool Safety Tips


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