Bubble Making Tips To Make Your Own Bubbles And Wands

Posted on 12 July 2016

Kids of all ages enjoy bubble blowing. There are so many activities that can be indulged in and just one of those activities is making bubble blowing solution. You can skip this step and just use store-bought bubbles if you want.

Homemade Bubble Making Tips

Fun Bubble Making Tips For Kids - Make Your Own Bubbles and Wands

The easiest recipe for bubbles is mix dish soap together with water. But, there is a better way to make bubbles and that involves blending together:

½ cup of dish soap

1 ½ cups of water and

2 teaspoons of sugar

Mix these in a big container and you are ready for action. You could even make up a huge batch of this mixture and fill a kiddie pool up with it. Then you will have the makings of a bubble-blowing party. Let everyone dip in with a bubble wand or other blower and let the fun begin.

If you do make your own bubbles, you can also make your own bubble wands. Here are some ideas to help you and your kids out using items around the house.

* A clean flyswatter is a great wand and so are

* Straws

* Turkey basters

* Slotted spoons

* Funnels

*Yogurt or margarine lids with holes cut in the middle

Using your homemade bubbles and wands you can have contests. See who can blow the biggest bubble or the longest-lasting bubble. Your children will be occupied for hours at a time. You can also hold contests to see who can blow the most in the least amount of time.

Another game is to shout a number to them to see who can blow that number of bubbles first. How about having them chase and pop as many bubbles in a minute as they can?

Kids love to blow bubbles. It is the perfect warm-weather pastime. Use these ideas or come up with some of your own and the fun will never end.

How to Make Homemade Bubbles



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