How To Keep Your Garden Green

Posted on 28 July 2016

 So many different things can be done to add a bit of color to your summer garden. However, it can be difficult to stay focused on keeping your summer garden looking green and lush a bit longer despite knowing that when you do that you are basically extending its life and being able to fully enjoy your summer garden. The purpose of this article is to help you keep your summer garden having a green and fresh appearance for as long as possible through simply taking a couple of extra steps earlier on in the summer in order to prepare it for the beginning of the end, which is inevitable.

Green Gardening

How To Keep Your Garden Green

One thing that you need to remember is that as soon as your summer garden starts taking on a yellowish brown hue, that is an indication that the summer is coming to an end and you are on the downward slope towards fall. The ride is frequently over much too fast and your garden is just a dim reminder of all that glorious summer greenery that you enjoyed just a few short months ago.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of dying flowers and yellowing leaves when they first appear. They can rob the rest of the garden of all its splendor and glory and leave the garden with decay much too soon. You will be very happy that you did, since it will restore your summer garden's healthy and vibrant appearance immediately and give it a much more energetic bearing and attitude for the plants that are remaining.

Weed. Get rid of the pesky weeds that are detracting from the lushness and beauty of the greenery that is in your garden. When you get rid of the weeds your whole summer garden will look better right away. Reapply mulch while are doing this. That will help delay the weeds inevitable return while also giving it an added layer to help hold in the moisture so that your plants don't dry out and can stay green instead. Another really good thing about mulch is it makes things look orderly and neat.

Fill the gaps in. While you are plucking dead flowers, weeds and leaves out of your summer garden, most likely this will create a few gaps. Fill them in using small shrubs (in this situation evergreens are a great idea), greenery or garden art to add some color and smiles among the greenery. These effects are frequently stunning. It will provide you with a nearly new summer garden look for just half of the expense and effort of creating a new one. You can also search for markdowns and late season offering at your local plant stores. They are frequently in good condition and well cared for and will provide your garden with an extra touch of green or color.

Another way that your summer garden can be kept green is through planting plants that are well-suited for your climate. This is usually the best way of achieving maximum greenness for your garden during an ordinary summer, without excessive rain or drought conditions. It is one of the very best ways of prolonging your garden's life also since the plants that are used are already accustomed to your local weather patterns. That is why they are much more likely to remain healthy and green for a lot longer than a majority of implants that aren't used to local weather conditions.

For most gardeners it is a very worthy cause to create a greener garden. The main reason why we plant a summer garden in the first place is so that we can enjoy them. When we are able to keep them vibrant, healthy and green a little while longer, it allows us to enjoy our gardens for longer as well as their productivity. So that means more vegetables, more fruit, more flowers and more greenery. Taking the steps discussed above to prolong your summer garden's life so that you can enjoy it longer definitely seems like a worthwhile sacrifice so that you can enjoy your outdoor living space and lawn for a longer period of time.


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