Top Summer Float - Chocolate Donut Pool Float

Posted on 16 July 2016

As spring begins to turn into summer, many of us start looking forward to our favorite water-themed activities. That can include water-skiing, surfing, or just grabbing our bathing suits and taking a quick dip. While those are all great activities, I would say there is none better than grabbing your favorite float and just lounging on the water. It could be a creek, river, or your backyard pool. It just has the ability to take all of your stress away and make you feel at peace. One of the biggest problems people have while enjoying this activity is trying to find the perfect float.

Top Summer Float - Chocolate Donut Pool Float

You simply do not want to have the same one that everyone else has. You want to stand out this summer and there is no better way of doing that than with the Riffspheres chocolate donut pool float. This is a summer float that would make Homer Simpson green with envy and more than likely quite hungry. In fact, I dare to say that after a day n the sun with this float you will have everyone in the area craving donuts!

This 51 inch in diameter float is designed with a heavy duty with a thick material which ensures it will make it through the most hardcore summer activities. Once it is fully inflated it stands over 4 feet which is sure to make it a favorite with the young kids and the old. Don't be surprised if you start to get a cult following as you carry your donut to the water. It is quite impressive once it is fully inflated and people cannot help but stare. The donut has a rich chocolatey frosting on the top and has been covered in a rainbow of sprinkles.

As you know it is almost impossible to have donuts in the house for very long before they start disappearing. That is what has happened to Riffspheres chocolate donut pool float! There is a huge bite taken out of the corner of this once scrumptious looking donut. But have no worries, this float will give you hours of enjoyment and fun all summer long. And one of the best things about this donut - it is the only one you have that is going to give you zero calories!

So put away all those boring floats and inner tubes and take this to the pool or lake and have a truly unique experience!


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