Fun And Exciting Walt Disney World Vacation

Posted on 20 August 2016

You are already looking forward to those fun-filled days at Walt Disney World with your family. But, you want to be safe and be cool, too. Here are some tips to help you and your family do that.

Disney World Summer Vacation

Beat The Heat And Have More Fun During Your Disney World Summer Vacation

- Get your day started early with a surfing lesson! Cocoa Beach Surfing School lets you surf the wave pool before the park opens every weekday except Wednesday.

- Visit one of Disney World's water parks. You cannot miss when you are all splashing around at Typhoon Lagoon where you can also ride the artificially made waves. Try your luck at Blizzard Beach with exciting, rushing water slides fit for a daredevil.

- Get cool and feel cooler when you try parasailing, tubing, or water skiing at the Sammy Duval Water Sports area at the Contemporary Resort.

- Ride in the Himalayan Mountains. That’s right, take a steel rail car ride at through Mt. Everest - Walt Disney World Style. Twist and turn as you ride through the cool simulated moountain. You won’t believe how it all ends!

- Stroll around Downtown Disney World. Don’t worry, there are plenty of air-conditioned places to duck into to get a reprieve from the hot sun. Enjoy a myriad of restaurants and shops. Get your souvenirs at the World of Disney, the biggest store which does not require that you stand on endless lines to get into.

- Finally, why not spend a whole day out by one of the Disney World resort hotel pools?

While you plan to enjoy all of these activities, here are some more tips for staying cool while you wait for rides or while you walk around the park.

- Wear lightly colored, loose clothing.

- Have a battery operated fan on a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck. You can switch it on and off as needed. This is a great way to have as much cool air as you need plus you can hand it over to a family member to wear if they get a little overheated, too.

 - Drink water but also have plenty of electrolyte beverages like Gatorade or Powerade from time to time. These will keep you from dehydrating.

- Try riding the rides early in the day before the sun reaches its hottest point. After noon, switch to water rides or indoor activities.

Have fun at Disney World and play it safe in the summer sun. It takes a bit of preparation but there are so many things you can easily do to beat the heat, you might as well get the whole family in on them. You will all have the time of your lives when you stay cool!

Exploring Walt Disney World Vacation

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