Add Colorful Flowers To Your Summer Garden

Posted on 20 July 2016

Add Colorful Flowers To Your Summer Garden

If you love flowers and are planning on including some as part of your summer garden, then it's important for you to take some time to learn about the flowering plants or flowers that are best suited for the hot months of summer and which plants like shade and which like the sun. When it comes to being able to withstand the summer sun's heat, flowers are not all created equal. Some need to have more care compared to others. All of those things need to be kept in mind whenever you are planing out a summer garden. Also be sure to make wise choices according to how much care you can provide your garden with.

Summer Garden Flowers

We are providing you with some general guidelines on the different kinds of plants that work well in a summer garden, but not necessarily which ones are well suited for being side by side. Once you decide which flowers you want to plant in your summer garden do some more research on them to make sure those that dislike sun and love water are kept away from the ones that thrive in full sun and little water. So just be prepared to do more thorough research on the flowers you are planning to add to your summer garden so that you can determine the best placement of the flowers for the most colorful effects and healthiest life possible for all of the flowers you have chosen.

The following flowers all love the sun and are ones you might want to include as part of your summer garden. Geraniums offer bright splashes of color and are very well suited for summer gardens. Not only can they provide a bed of green with color highlights, but they also work well for creating a border and can also be planted in pots either by themselves or along with a mixture of other colorful flowers.

Then there is the Hibiscus which offers beautiful splashes of colors that will provide your summer garden with a tropical feeling. For many gardens they are a very welcome addition that can grow very tall. So make sure they are placed in the back of your garden so that the entire array of color can be captured by visitors of all your summer plants. Another very popular addition to a summer garden are marigolds. There is a wide selection of colors available to choose from so it is easy to understand why those flowers are so popular with those who have sunny areas in their summer gardens.

Many summer gardens also feature plenty of shade loving flowers as well. Most gardeners find heavily shaded areas in their gardens and lawns to be quite challenging. Some of our recommendations might help to ease the challenge for you a bit. One very popular option for shady areas are impatiens. They offer a broad range of bright colors that are ideal for creating bright and fun borders. Another excellent brightly colored flower is the viola. They are well suited for potted arrangements or borders, whichever suits the specific needs of your summer garden. Mimulus is another great option to provide your summer garden with plenty of color. They can also tolerate partial sun very well if you are searching for a good border plant. The ageratum and Lobelia both provide beautiful blue hues for your summer garden if you are looking for more dramatic coloring.

This is of course just a small sampling of the numerous beautiful and bright summer flowers that are available that can provide your summer garden with beautiful splashes of color. Make sure you review the specific care instructions and color offerings to ensure that your flowers are a good match and not just ones that meet your personal taste. They need to be well suited for the terrain and landscape of your garden as well as be compatible with the other plants you will be including as part of your summer garden. The hardest work is often the planning stage for a summer garden. However all of that hard work can pay off and result in you having a very beautiful and rich summer garden. On the other hand, if you fail to plan properly it could result in you wasting a lot of effort and time and result in a summer garden that is less stellar than it could be.

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