Clever Uses For Foam Pool Noodles

Posted on 15 October 2015

Foam Pool Noodles Tips

Foam pool noodles are also referred to as water logs, are cylindrical made of polythene foam, initially made for use in a pool for floating. They are ideal for beginner swimmers and may also be used for a number of variant water uses and play. Due to their versatile nature, the foam pool noodles have found numerous uses that vary in range and imagination. These range from being used as protective gear, forms of toys, insulation, covering and decoration among other uses.

Foam Pool Noodles

Being easily customized and comes in different lengths and widths, pool noodles are in this way ideal for a number of uses not suggested by their manufacturers. Further with the purchase of pool noodle connectors, one can easily manipulate the sizes and shapes to come up with creative uses for the polythene foam noodles.

These may range from forming floating shapes, adding mesh seat to form floating lounges for kids and grown-ups alike, joining the pool noodles to form seats or floating forts. The pool noodles also come in many colors, making them visible and are thus used as protective gear. Edges and hard sharp/pointed protrusions are covered with these to ensure one easily notices and avoids them, and if not timely avoided, prevents one from coming to harm.

Similarly the colorful feature is used to creatively decorate rooms or objects. Many buyers have also found the noodle useful when using it as a bed rail for the toddler’s bed. Slipping this under the mattress cover ensures kids do not roll over the railing while sleeping.

Another creative use for the pool noodle is for lining the garage wall to prevent the car doors from ramming into the walls. Similarly side rails or any form of metal railing may similarly be insulated to prevent children getting hurt when coming into contact with these surfaces. Pool noodles may also be used to provide comfortable arm and foot rests for hard surfaces. Foam pool noodles serve a great number of uses that vary as with each individual’s need and imagination.



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