Breaking Summer Boredom Blahs With Crafts for Kids

Posted on 17 June 2016

Summer Fun Crafts For Kids

Crafts For Kids

Boredom and summertime can go hand in hand. Kids get excited to be out of school at first, but it is not long before those super hot days can get to kids. They are left wondering what to do. You are left to provide the answer. One great one is to give them some craft ideas to beat the blahs and get them to learn a little something in the process.

Summertime offers plenty of natural materials for kids' craft inspiration. Let them take things they find like seed pods, shells, grasses or leaves and affix them to solid pieces of cardboard. They can make creative collages out of the natural things they find outdoors. Add some flair to a collage by letting them spray the items with spray paint or add glitter glue to the picture.

Wildflowers are everywhere during the summer months. Ask your kids to create dried flower arrangements with the flowers they see outside that most inspire them. Let them choose the vase they place them in or have them create a vase by painting an old, empty spaghetti sauce jar.

Vases can also be made using tin cans. You can make sure that the tin cans have filed off inside openings for your child’s safety. Once it is in good shape, let them turn that can into a work of art by adding construction paper around the can with decorations. You can have them glue fabric ribbons or pieces of yarn around the can for added flair.

Or, you can have your child draw a summery scene on the paper. Then decorate it with stickers or glitter and add it to the can. They can also glue seeds or beans to the outside. Really, it is up to them how to make their tin vase as creative as they like. They can even add some of the dried flower petals onto the construction paper around the can.

Another craft for the can or the jar is to create a pencil holder. Let them paint, decorate or apply stickers and craft odds and ends to the item. Then, just add pencils, pens or markers. These can make great gifts to start the school year off with. When they meet their new teacher, they can offer them up a handmade gift.

Jar vases can be made with just about any type of glass jar from spaghetti sauce jars to pickle jars or traditional Mason jars. Although, before you let them work with these types of jars, you might need to get them to clean them up good. Let them get outside and splash around with a garden hose while you monitor things. Get them to clean the jars out so that they can make their vases, pencil holders or gifts.

Summer crafts are great ways for kids to busy themselves and beat the heat or the boredom that can sometimes sneak through even the best of days. Let your kids explore their creative side with these great but simple craft ideas.SaveSaveSave


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